Islands of Fire and Crystal

Fem Fatales

Two Lady Lunars meet...

First session, mostly character creation and some introductions.

Alexi, a Lunar from the Icewalker tribes, is travelling south to attend a Gathering in place of her mentor. She makes a stop in a small trading town called Turtle’s Neck, to meet with a potential contact. Alexi introduces herself to Billy, an innkeeper, and learns the “secret” Lunar handshake. Billy confirms the time and location for the southern Gathering have not changed, so Alexi spends the day looking for another female lunar she heard about, a lesbeau pirate whose ship sails the eastern rivers. She eventually learns the ship has passed through the town already, so she heads south to catch up. Following the pirate ship south to Weejyn, Alexi introduces herself to the ship captain and they go for drinks at the Seven Moons and Flagon. A shifty fellow at the bar notices the ladies come in together but says nothing.



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