Naladriel's faithful bodyguard, he rarely strays far from her side


Name: Hayden
Age: Twenty something
Gender: Male
Race: Northern barbarian
Nationality: Unknown
Home town: Unknown
Residence: Transient

Appearance: Slim build, with powerful shoulders and a square jaw. He wears his long strawberry blonde hair loose and meticulously combed. While never quite clean shaven, it is obvious that he has excellent personal hygiene despite spending days or weeks at a time on the road. He dresses simply, usually choosing brown or dark grey trousers with a matching vest over a white or cream shirt, his soft leather boots kept in perfect condition.

Personality: Quick with flash of his crooked smile and a friendly greeting, he maintains an aura of calm even while under pressure. His eyes seem to take in everything around him, and never seems to be surprised by anything one would say or do. He has a way of saying “oh really” with a raise of his eyebrow.



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