Islands of Fire and Crystal

Something fishy this way comes
The town is attacked by mermen

After the incident with the crab is resolved, several strong men at the docks work together to haul the strange ship and its dead crew to the beach where, presumably, it can do no more harm. The leprous woman collects her family and goes to her new home in the suburbs. The travelling priestess, who had been watching the children for her, follows her train of luggage and joins the family for dinner. Shortly after, there is a knock at the door, some of the village elders dropped by to politely ask the leper - I mean, the lady of the house - to leave town. Like, tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the clever fellow leads a small group of men aboard the ship to inspect it, and find more dead bodies in the brig. They also find one survivor, a mercenary of sorts, locked in a cell with some of the bodies. Upon waking, the man draws a large golden sword and shatters the cell door. He says that he doesn’t know what happened to the crew or how they got there. Before he can be interrogated further, some of the town elders arrive and ask that the party please disembark the ship at once, as they wish to conduct their own investigation on the following morning.

Also meanwhile, the former resident is still looking for an old friend, and was able to track her down to a jewelry store owned by her father. She learns that her friend recently left town to join a travelling circus, much to the dismay of the village children whom she used to babysit. She is invited to stay with her friend’s family as they wait for their daughter to come home from her foolish quest.

Later that evening, as everyone is settling down for dinner or drinks, that same little girl comes running into the restaurant crying again. This time, she says even less, something about the docks, people are hurt. This is immediately followed by screaming from outside and several loud crashes. Several people make their way to doors and windows, and see villagers are being chased through the streets by strange scaled humanoids.

Recap: Jason, Mike, and Skivers joined the battle, Brandy healed the wounded (including at least one of the bad guys), and Djinni captured a couple fish-folk for questioning. Skivers sniped the bad guys from rooftops and treetops. Jason got peed on (more than once) defending a young maiden. Brandy went through another set of clothes making bandages for the wounded, Jeanne made friends with the little crying girl. Mike turned into a giant hamster and killed Shamoo.

After the battle, the villagers approached Jason, Mike, Skivers, and Djinni (Brandy had gone back to the Seven Moons & Flagon to treat the wounded), recognized them as Exalted due to the glowing caste marks and the fact that Mike’s character was a furry, and offered them all rooms for the night in thanks for their help.

The wagons roll in
The rest of the party arrives

That same day, a merchant caravan arrives in town, bringing with them some foreign passengers: a leprous woman, her bodyguard, two small children, and a travelling priestess. Another ship also pulls into port carrying a young lady who was once a resident of this small town. All of these travelers find their way to the Seven Moons and Flagon looking for food and lodging, only to find all the inns in town have no vacancies. Apparently there is a festival coming up and the town is already full of visitors.

Out of nowhere, a little girl runs into the restaurant crying, she exclaims there has been an accident at the docks and people are hurt. Several people from the restaurant hurry to the docks to help. They find that an unknown ship has crashed into two other ships, damaging one and sinking the other. There are injured sailors and dock workers all around the docks and flailing in the water. The pirate captain starts barking orders to her crew, the dock workers, and anyone else who is able to help, organizing the rescue of drowning victims. The barbarian jumps into the water to rescue some of the victims herself. The leper apparently knows a thing or two about medicine and starts tending to the wounded. The former resident takes this opportunity to sneak around town looking for someone in particular… And the curious fellow from the bar boards the reckless ship that started this whole mess to find out what caused the accident.

After several hours, all of the injured who could be saved are moved from the docks to one of the pirate’s warehouses for triage and treatment, and all of the victims are accounted for. That is, until the fellow who boarded the ship discovered it’s crew were all murdered, their eyes and mouths sewn shut, the dead helmsman tied to the wheel. Before he can report his findings to anyone else, though, the fellow is assaulted by an angry coconut crab. Normally, folks simply ignore these creatures until it’s time to cook them for dinner, but this guy was from out of town so he didn’t know better. Thus began a 3-hour long fight scene between the crab, the man, and the barbarian. Surprisingly, the crab held its own and almost made off with one of the man’s shiny daggers.

Fem Fatales
Two Lady Lunars meet...

First session, mostly character creation and some introductions.

Alexi, a Lunar from the Icewalker tribes, is travelling south to attend a Gathering in place of her mentor. She makes a stop in a small trading town called Turtle’s Neck, to meet with a potential contact. Alexi introduces herself to Billy, an innkeeper, and learns the “secret” Lunar handshake. Billy confirms the time and location for the southern Gathering have not changed, so Alexi spends the day looking for another female lunar she heard about, a lesbeau pirate whose ship sails the eastern rivers. She eventually learns the ship has passed through the town already, so she heads south to catch up. Following the pirate ship south to Weejyn, Alexi introduces herself to the ship captain and they go for drinks at the Seven Moons and Flagon. A shifty fellow at the bar notices the ladies come in together but says nothing.


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