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  • Weejyn

    [[Places]] Weejyn is a village north of Larjyn, situated along the banks of the Sandy River. Home to fishermen and sailors, it was founded 60 years ago and is the newest addition to the [[Republic of Chaya]].

  • Republic of Chaya

    [[Places]] The Republic of Chaya is a small nation of about 180,000 citizens, resting southeast of the Scavenger Lands. The citizens of Chaya are a remarkably placid people, even if only for 14 months of the year. *Geography* The Chayan plains are …

  • Stone Fingers of Earth-Heart

    [[Places]] Some of the elders in Weejyn tell tales of the lost places in the untamed forests. Joru, Scaled King of the Swamp, is the subject of several such stories. At the end of summer, Chayans honor the memory of Joru. He was said to be a powerful …

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