Hashenyu Ay

Captain of Weejyn's militia, a gruff old man with a soft spot for children, like his grandchildren


Name: Hashenyu Ay
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Race: Chayan
Nationality: Republic of Chaya
Home town: Larjyn
Residence: Weejyn

Appearance: Light brown skin, with a weathered face that tells of a long life spent outdoors. Slim of build, but with a strong back and a firm grip. Shoulder length silver hair tied up in the traditional Mizuhiki style. Dresses in typical Chayan robes decorated with basic geometric patterns, over which he often wears bamboo armor.

Personality: A “no nonsense” type of man, he views life as a series of tasks that should be completed in the most practical and efficient way. He expects others to pull their weight and has little patience for those who live the “soft” life (i.e. most everyone else). The only exceptions to this strict standard are young children. While he has often and loudly expressed his dismay that the younger generations are “soft” he sees nothing wrong with spoiling children with sweets and piggyback rides whenever he has the chance.


Hashenyu Ay

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