Priestess of Weejyn


Name: Tasara
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Race: Chayan
Nationality: Republic of Chaya
Home town: Larjyn
Residence: Weejyn

Description: A middle-aged woman from the city of Larjyn, she dresses slightly more refined than most of the villagers, her geometrically decorated robes further ornamented with bright blue and red silk ribbons, and her long silver hair woven into intricate braids. Standing just under six feet, she is average height for a Chayan if a bit plump.

Personality: Tasara acts as the spiritual medium between the townsfolk and the local nature gods. Chief among those gods are the river god Daxxis, and the harvest god Samanter. Tasara maintains the local shrines, accepts offerings to the gods, and recites her prayers for divine benediction unto the faithful. She has a calm demeanor, and is patient with the children and foreigners who come to her for advice in both social and spiritual matters. She is selfless and devout to a fault, but she does not divulge privileged information without due cause and certainly not until the individual asking has proven worthy of the gods’ trust.


Hailing from the city of Larjyn, she relocated to Weejyn five years ago when the previous shaman died under unusual circumstances.


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